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Mon, 15 Jan


AND Lab Space (metro at door)

AND Hap: "From Time Makes Wind"

from group Alfazemas sem Problemas

AND Hap: "From Time Makes Wind"
AND Hap: "From Time Makes Wind"

General Info

15 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 WET

AND Lab Space (metro at door), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


Collaborative Programme 'Do Common' | Shows 'AND Hap'

"From Time Makes Wind", from group Alfazemas sem Problemas

Public Sharing on January 15th, 2024

Espaco And Lab - Lisbon [Edifício Expresso - Cabo Ruivo metro at the door]



The AND Hap exhibitions constitute temporary meeting areas that periodically open the AND Lab Space to the outside, inviting the public as accomplices and participants in unique situations of sharing what is happening here in terms of creation and research.


AND Hap are activated several times a year, hosting, in the form of a happening, different types of events, ranging from open rehearsals and process displays of the residencies hosted in the Space to proposals such as interventions and performances, lectures and conferences, gatherings and parties etc.


In addition, we also activate the AND Hap interface to periodically share our emerging artifacts and to mark the beginnings and endings of each season of our programming.



This show is based on a new form of musical theater. Do Tempo Faz-se Vento is based on four musical themes to echo the need to express, do and love, in a time consumed by lack of time. The music begins what the dance prolongs, so that the word is the vibration that the wind resonates. The Lavenders (Alfazemas), without any problems (sem Problemas), convert the hourglass of millimetric time into a loose form of existence, which returns each moment to its inaugural grace: “see what you do, if there is so much to do”. Between Lavender of Color and that of Odor there are so many exchanges, sayings, reflections, dissections, intertwines, rarities and transhumance. Life thus appeals to the rhythm that we can assign to it in dynamic sharing across the plain to which we aspire, by taking on the whirlpool of our uncertain condition.


Lavenders are known for their country essence, with grayish-lilac flowers and dense foliage. As dense as it is striking.

The Alfazemas Sem Problemas ("Problem-free Lavenders") group is therefore made up of Lavender by Color and Lavender by Odor. Each person takes the floor at their own moment, but the echo of their voices transfigures the physical limits of the tangible, by giving rise to the desire for sharing, exchange and experimentation. Lavenders do not have a fixed identity, they are what they are, playing with the limits of being, time and the forces of nature.


Alfazemas Sem Problemas


Participation is free and there is no registration form. Just show up :)


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