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Fri, 09 Feb


AND Lab Space (metro at door)

AND Hap: Book Releases "Lab Corpo-Palavra" & "Livro de Dançar

"Lab Corpo Palavra: chão para uma prática de escritas dançadas", of Aline Bernardi e Ligia Tourinho | "Livro de Dançar - Cartas para Improvisar e Compor", of Mulheres da Improvisação

AND Hap: Book Releases "Lab Corpo-Palavra" & "Livro de Dançar
AND Hap: Book Releases "Lab Corpo-Palavra" & "Livro de Dançar

General Info

09 Feb 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 WET

AND Lab Space (metro at door), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


'AND Hap' Exhibitions

Book releases: "Lab Corpo Palavra: chão para uma prática de escritas dançadas", of Aline Bernardi e Ligia Tourinho, e "Livro de Dançar - Cartas para Improvisar e Compor", of Mulheres da Improvisação

February 7th, 2024 | 7-9 pm

AND Lab Space - Lisbon [Edifício Expresso - Cabo Ruivo metro at the door]



AND Lab Space invites you to the launch in Portugal of the books Lab Corpo-Palavra, by Aline Bernardi and Lígia Tourinho, and Livro de Dançar, by Mulheres da Improvisação. With the presence of Aline Bernardi, who will give us a presentation, the event will take place as part of the periodic AND Hap exhibitions.

The AND Hap exhibition/happening is a temporary zone of encounter  that periodically opens up the AND Lab Space to unique proposals and events, presentations and process sharing of what's going on around here.


The book "Body-Word Lab: floor for a practice of danced writing" inaugurates the PPGDan Collection, designed to compile research from the Graduate Program in Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). It is part of the Cadernos Sensórios Corpo Palavra collection as a special edition and is published by Ed. Circuito, with funding from FAPERJ.

Aline Bernardi and Ligia Tourinho organize a set of texts, in different formats: articles, conversations, laboratory practices, performance texts, experience reports of people who are ethical-aesthetic-political references for Lab Corpo Palavra (Lab) to be constituted in its teaching, research and creation proposal: the Brazilian artist-researchers Hélia Borges (psychoanalyst and one of the greatest thinkers on processes of subjectivation in art), Ciane Fernandes (one of the greatest references in dance writing research, the dissemination of research guided by practice in the academic sphere and creator of the Somatic Performative Approach), Ana Kfouri (actress and theater director with extensive experience in studying the body and the word on stage), Katya Gualter (artist and manager, current director of DAC/UFRJ), Sandra Benites (Guarani indigenous thinker, curator and current director of visual arts at Funarte), Maria Alice Poppe (one of the greatest dancers we have in Brazil and a researcher into the relationship between the body and the fall), Soraya Jorge (introducer of the Authentic Movement in Brazil and a researcher into this Somatic Relational Approach), Ruth Torralba and Lídia Larangeira (researchers in collaboration with Aldeia Maracanã, the Pluriethnic Indigenous University) and the Angolan poet Ondjaki (an award-winning writer who has been translated worldwide). The organizers are also authors of the book and research artists.

Aline Bernardi is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher and teacher of the arts of the body and the stage, with an interest in the transits between dance and writing in the creative process. She is the author and author of the book "Lab Corpo Palavra: chão para uma prática de escritas dançadas", published by PPGDan/UFRJ and Ed Circuito. PhD student in Performing Arts at PPGAC/UFRJ, Master in Dance at PPGDan/UFRJ and postgraduate in Body Preparation for the Performing Arts/FAV. Further training in Performance at the F.I.A., c.e.m. Lisbon. Graduated in Dance/FAV. Technical training in Contemporary Dance at EAV. Founder of the website Contato Improvisação Brasil. Activist of the CI Carioca Network.


The Dancing Book - Letters for Improvisation and Composition is a collective creation of the Women of Improvisation, aimed at those who study, research or create in the areas of dance, theater, visual arts, cinema, circus, etc., as well as the general public. There are different instructions for starting a body work; improvisation games; and proposals for improvising, composing and performing interventions in public spaces. Each of the 7 women offers 7 cards, one of which is the "joker card", which guides different ways of using and combining the cards. Enjoy!

MI - Women of Improvisation - is a connection between artist-researchers, which reflects on perception, interaction and the creation of dances in different contexts and spaces with different characteristics. It connects various fields of knowledge and artistic endeavor, such as dance, music, philosophy, performance, media art, theater, etc. Since its opening in 2020, several performative actions have been held at academic and artistic events.

Participating in Dancing Book - Letters for Improvisation and Composition are 7 researchers from different cities: Ana Mundim (Fortaleza), Carolina Natal (Rio de Janeiro), Lígia Tourinho (Rio de Janeiro), Ivani Santana (Salvador), Líria Morays (João Pessoa), Roberta Ramos (Recife) and Tania Marin Perez (Montevideo).


Participation is free and there is no registration form. Just show up :)


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