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Fri, 22 Jul


Trust Collective

hANDling: Workshop-Retreat Introduction and (Un)folding of the Modus Operandi AND

with Fernanda Eugenio

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
hANDling: Workshop-Retreat Introduction and (Un)folding of the Modus Operandi AND
hANDling: Workshop-Retreat Introduction and (Un)folding of the Modus Operandi AND

General Info

22 Jul 2022, 20:00 WEST – 24 Jul 2022, 17:30 WEST

Trust Collective, Rua Albertino Madeira, 76 - 3305-020 - Barril de Alva (Arganil), Portugal





hANDling Programme / School of Reparar 2022

Workshop-Retreat Introduction and (Un)folding of the Modus Operandi AND, with Fernanda Eugenio

+Opening night with the screening of the documentary 'AND Lab. Re-membering 10 Years' (by Inês T.Alves) + conversation with Fernanda Eugenio and Inês T.Alves

July 22-24, 2022, Trust Collective, Barril de Alva






The workshop will be held in English, unless the group formed is entirely of Portuguese speakers.







> Early Bird (until June 30)

  • Individual Ticket, participation only on Saturday (July 23): 40€
  • Individual Ticket, Full participation: 60€
  • Group Ticket (5 people): 250€ (50€ each, for full participation)


> After June 30

  • Individual Ticket, participation only on Saturday (July 23): 50€
  • Individual Ticket, Full participation: 70€
  • Group Ticket (5 people): 300€ (60€ each, for full participation)


> Minimum number of participants: 10 | Deadline for class formation: July 15th (if the minimum number of registrations is not reached by this date, the workshop will be canceled and the amounts paid will be fully refunded)


> Participants in the AND Lab Friends Network will have a 10% discount applied at the time of registration (if you are already a participant, log in to the site before registering).

See here how to join


> Payment can be made:

  • Online, upon registration with PayPal/cards;
  • Offline, via direct bank transfer.
  • In the case of offline payments (outside the AND Lab website), this option must be chosen in the next payment step. Data will be sent in the registration confirmation email. We ask you to make the payment within 3 days at most, otherwise the registration will not be effective and the vacancy may be released again.






30€ | Total of 7 accommodation spaces


Two nights' accommodation in a double room, with shared bathroom and access to the kitchen.


Arrival: Friday, July 22nd, between 3pm and 7pm

Departure: Sunday, July 24, from 5 pm


Alternative suggestions (to be provided autonomously): Barril de Alva Caravan Zone (free); Côja Camping Park (5 euros/day per person + 5 euros per tent)






There will be no catering service. Each participant is autonomous to bring their own meals, go out to eat or prepare them on site.


For those coming from abroad and staying at the Trust: the participants will have access to the kitchen to prepare their own meals. We suggest that you come to Barril de Alva already bringing the necessary ingredients for breakfast and the preparation of lunch and dinner, as there will be no time to go shopping in neighboring cities.


In the village of Barril de Alva there is only a small grocery store with basic items, a cafe and a restaurant.


As an alternative to preparing meals, you can go to the village café for breakfast and the only restaurant for lunch, or go to the neighboring village of Côja for lunch and dinner (it's necessary to go by car).


For local participants: it can be a good suggestion to bring your own lunch.






For those coming from outside the region, it is possible to arrive by car directly in the village or, alternatively, there are buses leaving from Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra to the bus stop of Catraia do Mouronho, where we  can pick you up. A common pick-up time will be arranged on Friday 22 July and a single departure time on Sunday 24 July at the end of the day. Depending on the number of people registered with a car, it will also be possible to organize rides.






Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat, sun cream, swimming suit and towel.





(subject to adjustments to suit the situated dynamics of the group)


Friday (common living room)

  • 8pm - dinner
  • 9pm - screening of the documentary AND Lab. Re-membering 10 years, by Inês T. Alves + conversation with Fernanda Eugenio and Inês T.Alves

Open to the general public

People not registered for the workshop are asked to bring something to share at the collective dinner


Saturday (studio)

  • 8-10am - breakfast
  • 10am-1pm - Introduction to MO_AND: collective game
  • 1-3pm - lunch break
  • 3-7pm - Introduction to MO_AND: G.Host game + Affect enunciation-performation game (15min coffee break between the games)
  • 7-9pm - optional collective river bath at Urtigal
  • 9-11pm - dinner

(breakfast and dinner times are meant for people sleeping at Trust only)


Sunday (studio)

  • 8-10am - breakfast
  • 10am-1pm - (Un)folding MO_AND: in-between-one Game + Individual Collection Game
  • 1-3pm - lunch break
  • 3-5pm - (Un)folding MO_AND: decluttering Game + Affect decomposition/disposition Game
  • 5.30pm - departure

(breakfast, dinner and departure times are meant for people sleeping at Trust only)






The Modus Operandi AND is both a practical and theoretical interface, transversal to varied fields, that offers a toolbox in the for of Games for the investigation of singular and collective mechanisms for composition exercised as an ethics of co-positioning. It researches the politics of living together through the exercise of a triple procedure, synthetized in the portuguese word Reparar: stopping again, making the inventory-invention of the possible each time, and carrying out a work of reparation through the durational care-curation of relationships. Practicing awareness and ways-of-doing that are based on the circunscription of the common and the performativity of affect, the Modus Operandi AND enables the emergence of collaborative landscapes and in-between territories of sufficiency.


Through several exercises that take thinking and doing in one same plane, the Modus Operandi AND enables the direct and experiential investigation of the singular and collective mechanisms of togetherness, proposing concrete tools for stimulating processes of collaboration, apprenticeship and negotiation of togetherness. MO_AND enables, specifically, the recognition of behavioral patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation, attention-handling (selection, focus and coordination of stimuli), decision-making and decision-taking abilities.


In the framework of workshops, the 'board game' interface serves as a basis for sharing MO_AND, and is consequently unfolded in diverse and more complex exercises, with different scales, in the studio or on the street, depending on the group and the duration of the workshop. This game has no pre-established rules but rather immanent rules that emerge from playing. The rules emerge from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of participants. Through a work of folding-and-unfolding and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to 'think with our hands', giving body to matters of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, attunement, tolerance and reciprocity.


The exercises allow participation from people with diverse interests and profiles – coming from any field, with or without previous contact among them or with MO_AND - to share a same plane of concern, experientially and collectively experimenting the ethical-political and affective issues involved in the co-responsible construction of the common and the sustainability of bonds of reciprocity.


  • 3 hours

    1º Dia | Sexta

    Salão/Common Room

  • 15 hours

    2º Dia | Sábado

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Membership Offer
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  • Early Bird | Saturday Only

    Early individual registration (valid until June 30), for participation only on Saturday (July 23)

    Sale ended
  • Early Bird | Full Participation

    Early individual registration (valid until June 30), for full participation

    Sale ended
  • Early Bird | Group (Full Participation)

    Early registration (valid until June 30) which includes a group of 5 people, for full participation

    Sale ended
  • Accommodation

    Two nights' accommodation in a double room, with shared bathroom and access to the kitchen. If you want this option, choose the ticket you prefer and include this item in the order as well.

    Sale ended




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