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(School Editions)

6-21 APR | OR: period/frequency to be defined


Trust Collective OR Location(s) to be defined

'Crafting' Residency Programme: applications open 2024

Annual Edition of Retreat Mode Residency [6 - 21 APR 2024] or Tailor-made Longitudinal Follow-ups

'Crafting' Residency Programme: applications open 2024
'Crafting' Residency Programme: applications open 2024

General Info

6-21 APR | OR: period/frequency to be defined

Trust Collective OR Location(s) to be defined





Artists and/or researchers from any area, with creation and/or mediation projects, in an embryonic phase or already in development, can apply.

It is not essential to have had previous contact with the Modus Operandi AND to submit an application.



1. Choose the desired modality - Residence in retreat mode or Longitudinal Monitoring (see details below)


2. Click on the button on this page to fill out your Proposal form. Have the following digital documents ready to upload:


  • Synopsis of the Creation/Research Project (up to 10 pages), with:

1) Title (and Title in English, if any);

2) Description of the proposal in Portuguese and English;

3) Project objectives and reason for choosing AND Lab (how the project relates to the Art-Politics-Community scope);

4) Summary 'Bio' of the person/group proposing, in Portuguese up to 600 characters + translation into English;

5) Any specific needs (if applicable);


  • 2 to 3 photos of the activity with good focus and resolution (300 dpi);


  • 1 to 3 photos of the person/group proposing with good focus, 3x4 proportions and resolution (300 dpi).






Annual editions in mid-April | 2024 Edition from April 6th to 21st

Trust Collective | Rua Albertino Madeira, 76 - 3305-020 - Barril de Alva (Arganil), Portugal


The Assisted Residency in retreat mode takes place once a year, in April, at the Trust Collective partner space, in the village of Barril de Alva, near Serra do Açor and Serra da Estrela, in the Coimbra region. Establishing a direct relationship with the countryside and nature, this residency, which lasts for two weeks, provides an environment of concentration and focus, while allowing you to intersperse work with walks, trails and dips in the Alva River, which is located 5 minutes’ walk from workspace.


In 2024, the residency will be from April 6th to 21st. Up to 4 individual or group projects will be selected for personalized monitoring by Fernanda Eugenio, through exclusive one-to-one sessions for each project, interspersed with time working independently in the studio. The process begins with a collective introductory workshop, in which the Modus Operandi AND tools for creating are shared, and the exclusive moments for each project are interspersed with regular practice of the AND Game, in collective mode. The retreat includes accommodation and food, as well as the organization of a final session for public sharing of the process, open to the local public.


Applications are analysed in order of arrival, until vacancies are filled.





  • Introduction to the AND Operating Mode Workshop in a group, with Fernanda Eugenio, focusing on AND tools for creation;
  • One-to-one follow-up sessions with Fernanda Eugenio interspersed with time for independent work in the studio;
  • Practice the AND Game in a group;
  • Accommodation in a double room for one person, in the Trust Collective Main House, in the village of Barril de Alva, district of Coimbra;
  • Food for one person in collective kitchen mode;
  • Organization and dissemination of the final public sharing session of the process;


Free time for swimming in the river and nature walks :)


Total value: €1500 | If the project is a group project, there will be €300 per extra person for accommodation and food.


So that the value is not an impediment, it is possible to request grants to access partial values, to be defined case by case, together with the proposing person or group.




THE LONGITUDINAL FOLLOW-UPS [tailor-made, with period/frequency and locations defined by the proposing party]



This modality allows the monitoring of creation and mediation projects through a flexible program, designed according to the needs and temporalities of each person or group, and which may or may not involve a residency at the AND Lab headquarters in Lisbon.


The program can be face-to-face, virtual or hybrid. It can adopt a more intensive format, concentrated in calendar days (from one to three weeks, for example) or a more extensive format, distributed over months with a weekly, biweekly or monthly periodicity. Accompaniment can focus only on a specific phase of the creation or extend throughout the entire process, from the embryo of the affection to the public presentation.


In the case of choosing face-to-face meetings, these can take place through the residency of the person/group at the AND Lab in Lisbon or they can be held in the space/city of the proponents, with Fernanda Eugenio traveling to the location.


Applications are permanently open and can be submitted at any time of the year. Finally, it is possible to compose the residency/follow-up only with sessions of personalized assistance to creation, conducted by Fernanda Eugenio, or also add a Modus Operandi AND workshop, introductory and/or unfolding aimed at creation.


In the case of residencies that take place at AND Lab, residents can participate in other activities currently underway in our space and, if it makes sense for the work, a public session to share the final process can be organized.





The values are calculated according to the final design of the personalized program (number of sessions/frequency/length, locations, etc.) and agreed directly with the proposing party.


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