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The AND Lab | Research Centre for Art-Thinking & Politics of Togetherness, directed by Fernanda Eugenio, is a practice-oriented research platform, based in Lisbon with clusters in Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
We welcome and host researchers coming from any field, when interested in issues concerning reciprocity and the common as transversal and applied ways of doing (world-body-making), whether within artistic practices, mediation and care practices or within the everyday manifestations and tensions of living together.  Different articulations are possible in each of the three sets of activities – AND I Research and Creation, HOW I Transmission and Residencies andWITH I Collaboration and Partnerships.

The platform is also a place of encounter for the practitioners of Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND), an ethical-aesthetic set of tools for the experiential investigation of the operations and modulations of the event as that which traverses and interweaves all our activities.

MO_AND is an on-going work, developed by the artist and anthropologist Fernanda Eugenio for the past fifteen years, following a trajectory that gradually drifted from the scope of strict academic research to the construction of an in-between territory of investigation and a particular approach to the artistic and political uses of ethnography as circumscriptive and performative tool.

The connective AND gives name both to the centre and the modus operandi, synthesizing an approach that is based neither on knowing (the logic of IS) nor finding(the logic of OR) but in flavour and the encounter (the logic of AND).
Common ground for the collaborative investigation converging art and thinking, theory and practice, modes of existence and modes of creation, AND Lab operates in the encounter between two transversal concerns: how to live together? and how not to have an idea?.  These two questions epitomize the inhabited philosophy of MO_AND, concomitantly ethics of living together, practice of co-positioning [com-posição-com] and way of living.

As thinking-doing, MO_AND crosses all AND Lab activities, from a structural dimension to management of the everyday existence; from investigation practices to sharing practices; from ways of transmission to ways of living together.
The transversal applicability of MO_AND, allied to the commitment of performing the concepts, returning them to their direct and situated use, allows this practice to become, at the same time, broad and particular. Using resources that come from art and thinking – but are not about them -, AND Lab contributes, in a very concrete mode, for the encounter of ways of living together that rely on the plane of sufficiency, sustainability and reciprocity among differences.
The AND Lab offers several possibilities of encounter and sharing of procedures: summer schools, laboratorial experiences, workshops for the use and transmission of MO_AND, meetings for practice in a regular basis, residencies for oriented-investigation and collaboration circuits open for associated, resident and visiting researchers.

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