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AND Collective participant

Born in Sabará, Minas Gerais, currently residing in Lisbon. Creative artist, researches performance/body, words, video and narratives from the margins. Postgraduate degree in Creative Writing from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Humor from SP Escola de Teatro, in Dramatic Art from Senac São Paulo, and in Journalism. In 2023, was awarded a solo creation residency on the Braba In platform, by Gaya de Medeiros. In 2022 was the winner of the spoken poetry competition 'Minha Poetry Slam', in the city of Guimarães. Also participated, through TNDMII, in the project 'This evening screams', a staged reading of texts by women writers. Received an honorable mention at the Marxe International Videopoetry Festival, in Galicia. Performed in the collective performance Barricada, with the performer Marcelo Evelin, within the Almada International Performing Arts Exhibition. In 2021 performed online with the XIX Theater Group, at the Fracasso Festival and at the 'O Cinema como Presença' Exhibition, with the works 'm.o.n.s.t.r.ထ' & 'korpa çantu'. Also performed in the shows: Neverland and Quarenta e Duas (Cia Artehúmus), Estrada de Ferro (Cia do Funil), Tareias (Grupo Redimunho), Minha Nossa and Abajur Lilás. at the Company São Jorge de Variedades. Worked as a production assistant at the Barafonda street show. Performed in Sala de Espera – an award-winning comedy improvisation scene at the National Festival of Short Scenes (Grupo Galpão) and at the Festival Parlapatões Patifes e Paspalhões. In 2024 presented the performance m.o.n.s.t.r.oo at Espaço do Tempo, as a result of the residency promoted by Queerartlab, monitored by Gaya de Medeiros.

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