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(The AND Lab)


Jaqueline Silva

Local Cluster Brasília (Brazil)

Jaqueline Silva is a manager and artivist. She has Bachelor's degrees in Law and in Public Policy Management, Master's in Political Science and has a doctoral project in Performing Arts at the University of Brasília. She researches and experiments with different artivisms, presential and virtual, and the relationship between aesthetics and politics in the performances of actors and social movements, creating compositions from reciprocally affected bodies. She is a guest dancer at Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança (DF) and participates in the company's Training Center since 2015; and a teacher of the Klauss Vianna technique in training by Salão do Movimento (SP). She is a researcher of the Group Politics and Affects, of the Chamber of Deputies; and of the Groups Relations between Society and State (Resocie-IPol) and Escola de Teatro Político e Vídeo Popular (Performing Arts), both from the University of Brasília. She is a popular guitar technician by the Escola de Música de Brasília, having integrated the Orquestra de Violões until 2008. She is part of Brasília AND Lab Cluster. @corpassionamento

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