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Ten Positions Before the Irreparable

Positioning itself within a paradoxical and urgent task, between the irreparability of the world-as-it-is and the ethical commitment to its reparation, the School of Reparar, AND Lab's ongoing artistic-political training program, proposes to combine the Modus Operandi AND with other embodied artistic-political propositions, collaborative composition tools and somatic practices, in a transdisciplinary and undisciplined program, dedicated to the articulation body-community and to the re-knowledge and re(e)nunciation of tactics for the (un)learning of the rooted and unequally distributed violence within each one of us.

The proposal takes shape from a solid artistic research work on the politics of coexistence, which has been accumulating experience and weaving networks for two decades, between Portugal and Brazil, through a consistent periodic program of workshops, summer schools, laboratories and residencies. Installing itself as a transversal platform in the living field of political-affective struggles that we have been inhabiting, the School of Reparar is based on the in-betweenness, as a perennial instance of experimentation and reimagination of what we want and can as communities. It becomes, thus, a gesture of support for the dream and of a possible performance of a territory of common firmness, seeking to contemplate the amplitude of the AND network and to constitute collectivity through the geographical, durational, and sensitive connection-displacement, collecting forces, knowledge, and affections on both sides of the ocean to deal with the ethical issue of reparation.

The School of Reparar emerges from the desire to contribute to a process that is triggered by the acknowledgement that it is no longer possible to reiterate an unsustainable world, supported by predatory-extractivist logics. By proposing a multi-localized, transversal and based-on-practical-knowledge school, the School of Reparar aims to connect realities and bodies diversely affected by the Irreparable. We intend to create an interspace dedicated to collectivizing the act of research-creation, making it coincident with the act of living-inhabiting and relating-performing. We intend to create a space for the in-between - to reciprocally sustain one another into community - so we can exercise ways of being intimate without being near, and nurture together possibilities of remaking sensibilities and worlds.


[you may always return to this page throughout the annual schedule to keep up with news: new calendar activities will be added as their registration/information becomes available. If you are viewing past editions, this panel will be complete]


Dez Posições ante o Irreparável

Dez Posições ante o Irreparável

07/07/20, 19:00

videoperformances + grupo online de estudos praticados e escuta recíproca | série ligada à ed. piloto da Escola do Reparar | com Fernanda Eugenio e Núcleos AND Lab Brasil: Mariana Pimentel, Iacã Macerata e Guto Macedo (RJ), Milene Duenha (CWB), Patricia Bergantin (SP)

stANDing | Programa de Transmissões via Site

stANDing | Programa de Transmissões via Site

28/09/20, 18:00

Programa Público CML | Investigação-criação & partilha em modo duracional | quinzenalmente, partilha teórico reflexivas & performativas; semanalmente, conversas com convidades

ANDscape | Curso Extensivo Online

ANDscape | Curso Extensivo Online

22/09/20, 18:00

Encontros práticos quinzenais às terças + acesso à Comunidade-Acervo Online da Escola do Reparar para partilha de táticas e criações emergentes

Direction: Fernanda Eugenio

Program Design & Curation: Fernanda Eugenio & Dani d'Emilia

Online Platform Design & Development: Alexandre Eugenio

Artistic Team: Fernanda Eugenio & Dani d'Emilia

Pedagogical Team: Fernanda Eugenio, Pat Bergantin, Mariana Pimentel, Guto Macedo, Milene Duenha, Naiá Delion, Dani d'Emilia, Julia Salem

Monitoring and Care: Iacã Macerata, Ruan Rocha, Jade Lemos, Roberta Ferraz, Stephanie Cristina

Guest Interlocutors: Liliana Coutinho, Sarah Amsler, Andreia de Sade & Nuno do Carmo, Leandro Cunha, Alexa Santos, Soraya Jorge, Xana Piteira & Ana Marreiro, Marta Lança, Vanessa Andreotti, Benício Pitaguary, Julia Salem

Administrative Management: Alexandre Eugenio

Production: Pat Bergantin & Julia Salem

Communication and Social Networks: Pat Bergantin

Documentation and Audiovisual Processing: Pedro Henrique Risse e Pat Bergantin

Support: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Fundo de Emergência Social - Cultura

Institutional Partnership: Fundo de Fomento Cultural - República Portuguesa

Hosting: ORLA - Eco Social Regeneration, Penhas co Arte Cooperativa

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