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Dis-cern and Inseparate: the enchantment of the Irreparable
School of Reparar Ed#5-2024

Commemorative edition 'TY' - Ten Years / Thank You

5 years of School of Reparar, 10 years of summer schools.

Dis-cern and Inseparate: the enchantment of the Irreparable

In 2024 the School of Reparar focuses on the conceptual tool dis-cern, which invites us to exercise the ethical muscles of differentiating, of acknowledging the cernes, in a modulation in which it is precisely access to the multiplicity of vital perspectives (between-cerns and intra-cerns) that allows us to (re)enchant and reconnect with the sensitive experience of inseparability.

We insist on searching for antidotes to the affections of helplessness and disenchantment, manifested by the exhaustion and dulling of sensitivities, which unevenly but pervasively mark contemporary individual and collective states. We call for the operations of alight/sheltering - as an experience of nesting, deep rest, surrender and (re)connection - and flight/enchantment - as access to the Common Fund of Life, to the embodied wisdoms beyond the human that make up the provisional aggregate of each and every life form, and re-tuning with being (in) a flock, in a full dwelling and co-sensing of the coexistence of life.

In the different meeting proposals that make up this year's research-creation, we also propose a delay in two other operations: a/re-knowledge - an honoring of the ancestries that give us (an)courage today (anchoring and courage) and a firm and frank commitment to self-awareness - and re(e)nunciation - renouncing the systemic illusions clustered around individual points of view and re-enunciation of oneself that unblocks access to the view of the point.

It's a year in which we celebrate doubly!

  • On the one hand, the 5 years in which our proposals for sharing the Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND) have taken the form of the ongoing artistic-political training program School of Reparar, with annual thematic editions since 2020;

  • On the other hand, the 10-year emergence of the AND Summer Schools format, predecessor of the School of Reparar, which had its first pilot edition in Lisbon in the summer of 2015 and ran until 2019! The program unfolds over two seasons, including face-to-face activities in Portugal, trips to Germany and Brazil, and online activities.

  • From March to July, extensive in-person and intensive online workshops will be offered, including the hANDling workshops of Introduction to MO_AND and the Unruly Studies workshops onUnfolding MO_AND and the practiced study of concept-tools, as well as, in the summer, the LANDscape Portugal Course-Retreat on Deepening MO_AND and the Nest and Flock Ritual-Journey.

  • From August to January, there will be intensive face-to-face hANDling workshops on Introduction to MO_AND in Germany and Portugal, an extensive online (under)stANDing workshop on Unfolding MO_AND and sharing the collaborative projects of the AND Collective, and a LANDscape Retreat-Course in Brazil on Deepening MO_AND and Retrospective 2024 Synthesis-Encounter.

About the School

The School of Reparar is an annual ongoing program of expanded research-creation and artistic-political training, which houses four meeting interfaces and takes place on the Portugal-Brazil axis.

Based on Fernanda Eugenio's creation always in process with Modus Operandi AND, in collaboration with the multi-localized network of artists from AND Collective and with different artists invited each time, the School of Reparar takes a question-theme per year, from the practical-theoretical constellation of MO_AND, as a motto for the creation of new performative devices of encounter, experiential propositions, games and tools of collective composition-creation, adopting the durational structure of the journey to invite to dwelling and persistence in the intimate-political work of trans-form-action.

Its four lines of activities are designed to provide participants with a gradual and supported journey of navigation in the issue-theme of the year.

We always start with hANDling, workshops for sharing the MO_AND and related practices (March to June; September to November, in Lisbon and different cities in Brazil each year), dedicated to offering the foundations for sustaining the annual journey, through the introduction and unfolding of the concept-tools and central principles of the MO_AND, combined with body practices of the AND Collective.

Next, we enter the Unruly Studies, a group of practiced and experimental studies (May - Portugal and October - Brazil), dedicated to sharing the inhabited philosophy around the concepts in focus each year.

Then we come to LANDscape, an immersive retreat-course (July - Portugal and January - Brazil), built as a trans-formation-action ritual-journey, in which the Modus Operandi AND multiplies itself in a set of more complex incarnated political-affective propositions, that summon different modulations of the AND constellation game side by side with ritual-pieces specially created, each time, to provide the sensitive and alive experience of the issue-theme. This activity is, at the same time, end and beginning: a culmination of each year's journey, every July, which, when repeated in January, also operates the prepreparation for the following year, and for a new issue-theme about to emerge.

The whole journey is assisted and nurtured by [under]stANDing, a program of continued research and artifact creation by Fernanda Eugenio in collaboration with the AND Collective. stANDing program is the school being gestated as it happens and runs throughout the year in two seasons (February-July and September-January), composed of face-to-face work in the Atelier AND Lab in Lisbon, online meetings and the LAND Creation Residencies, opening up to the outside world through sharing sessions and informal process shows a few times a year.

It is also worth mentioning that, although hANDling, Unruly Studies and LANDscape are constituted as interlinked activities, they are articulated in a way that also allows the entrance of new participants at any moment of the trip, who may access the experience in a sporadic and occasional way.

The School of Reparar proposes to inhabit the 'in-between' as an interval of strength, establishing itself in the heart of the art-life intersections and structuring itself in a spread out and multi localized way, in the transit between Portugal and Brazil, between the urban and the rural and between the present and the virtual, in a commitment to combine a consistent subjective and sensitive displacement with geographical decentering and digital propagation. It claims itself, thus, as a field of support for enchantment, as a safe field for risk: firmed on care and focused on (re)activating the attentive relationship with the Earth-Soma and, at the same time, on infiltrating and sustaining a communitarian mode in the urban and digital everyday life.

The School of Reparar annually offers a minimum of 25% of places in the form of full scholarships with an intersectional profile, for people made vulnerable by intercessions of class, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, dissident corporealities, migration and/or ethnic origin.

The activities of the School of Reparar in Portugal are bilingual (Portuguese and English) whenever necessary.

The activities of the School of Reparar in Portugal are translated into Portuguese Sign Language whenever necessary.


[you may always return to this page throughout the annual schedule to keep up with news: new calendar activities will be added as their registration/information becomes available. If you are viewing past editions, this panel will be complete]


hANDling | Laboratory of Introduction to Modus Operandi AND (Extensive)

hANDling | Laboratory of Introduction to Modus Operandi AND (Extensive)

07/03/24, 18:30
AND Lab Space (metro at door)

with Fernanda Eugenio

hANDling+Unruly Studies: Introducing+Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

hANDling+Unruly Studies: Introducing+Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

29/06/24, 13:00
Online via Zoom

School of Reparar 2024 | Intensive workshops to address the issue of the year: Discern and Inseparate | with Fernanda Eugenio

Unruly Studies: School of Reparar 2025 [Ed#5-'TY'] Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

Unruly Studies: School of Reparar 2025 [Ed#5-'TY'] Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

16/05/24, 17:30
AND Lab Space (metro at door)

Practiced Studies of MO_AND Concept Tools (Extensive) | 1st approach to the theme question of the 2024 edition: Discern and Inseparate | with Fernanda Eugenio

LANDscape [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2024 [Ed#5]

LANDscape [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2024 [Ed#5]

26/07/24, 13:00
Trust Collective & Quinta da Rosa

Immersive Retreat Course to Deepen the Modus Operandi AND + Political-Affective Practices Embodied with the Concept-Tools Dis-Cerning & Inseparating | with Fernanda Eugenio & AND Collective

Direction: Fernanda Eugenio

Curation and Conceptual Formulation: Fernanda Eugenio

Support to Direction: Henrique Antão

Interlocutions LANDscape Barril de Alva: Ana Dinger, Bernardo Chatillon, Manoela Rangel, Ruan Rocha

Interlocutions LANDscape Guapimirim: Mariana Pimentel e  membres do Coletivo AND a definir

Interlocutions (under)stANDing: Ana Corrêa, Constança Carvalho Homem, Dai, Henrique Antão, Ruan Rocha, Manoela Rangel

Original Design and Online Platform: Alexandre Eugenio/Boxer Crab

Production and Communication: Catarina Serrazina e Luís Filipe Fernandes

Local production (Germany): produção Onsite e Núcleo AND Lab Berlim

Local production (Brazil): Rede AND Lab Brasil - Núcleo Mata Atlântica | AND Lab Brasil Network - Atlantic Forest Center

Series Reels & Podcast: Pat Bergantin e Patrícia Araújo

Audiovisual Documentation: Gabriela Jung e Inês T. Alves

Partnerships: Trust Collective (PT), Onsite Berlin (DE), Casa Amarela/Fazendinha (BR)

Support: DGArtes - República Portuguesa - Cultura

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