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Tue, 16 Jul


AND Lab Space (metro at door)

AND Hap: How to follow the end?

Performances by Bernardo Chatillon, Tony Omolu, Mariana Pelizer and Ruan Rocha

AND Hap: How to follow the end?
AND Hap: How to follow the end?

General Info

16 Jul 2024, 18:30 – 21:00 WEST

AND Lab Space (metro at door), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 8-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


Collaborative Practices Program | Shows 'AND Hap'

How to follow the end?

with Bernardo Chatillon, Tony Omolu, Mariana Pelizer and Ruan Rocha

Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 6:30 pm to 9 pm

Space And Lab | Edifício Expresso - Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334, floor 3 - Rooms 8-10 - Lisbon, Portugal

The AND Hap exhibitions constitute temporary meeting areas that periodically open the AND Lab Space to the outside, inviting the public as accomplices and participants in unique situations of sharing what is happening here in terms of creation and research. AND Hap are activated several times a year, hosting, in the form of a happening, different types of events, ranging from open rehearsals and process displays of the residencies hosted in the Space to proposals such as interventions and performances, lectures and conferences, gatherings and parties etc. In addition, we also activate the AND Hap interface to periodically share our emerging artifacts and to mark the beginnings and endings of each season of our programming.

On July 16th, Tuesday, AND Hap receives a proposal from researchers from the AND Care Research Line and invites them to watch the performances "O que está está aqui", by Bernardo Chatillon, "Corpa" by Tony Omolu and “Linhas ” by Mariana Pelizer. Watching not only as someone looking from the outside, but also from the inside, as someone who inhabits, accompanying, caring. We will be side by side with the question "How to accompany the end?", a concern that arises from the practice of care as an ethics of the common.

Bernardo Chatillon intends to imagine new worlds, posing the hypothesis of relating to spaces that are obstructed, camouflaged, illegible, ignored, invisible. Living with the bodies, landscapes and movements that are present, but not visible, in conjunction with the concept of Magical Thinking applied to the theatrical dimension. He collaborates in different formats and projects through artistic practices, meetings and shows.

Tony Omolu is a hybrid artist who navigates the waters of theater, African dances from Brazil and contemporary dance. Cuir artivist and anti-racist creates and produces his performances as instruments of ethical-aesthetic-political actions. dance and theater converge in the experiences of his bioscenic that reveals and presents a phenomenon arising from the border between trance and representation. He is a co-founding member of the collective affrontosas

Mariana Pelizer is a Schizobody, a body in becoming, an ecofeminist, a doctor in clinical psychology, an artist of care practices, a curator of desires.

Ruan Rocha is a clinical researcher of and with subjectivity. Psychologist, interested less in talking and more in talking-with as a collective practice of care and as a practice of collective care.

Participation is free and there is no registration form.

We ask that you send an email, informing your name(s).


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