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Fri, 11 Aug


AND Lab Space (metro at door)

AND Hap | Linhas & Jogo-Conversa

Intervention by Mariana Pelizer & Ruan Rocha

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AND Hap | Linhas & Jogo-Conversa
AND Hap | Linhas & Jogo-Conversa

General Info

11 Aug 2023, 18:30 – 20:30 WEST

AND Lab Space (metro at door), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


Collaborative Programme 'Do Common' | Shows 'AND Hap'

Lines & Talk-Game Intervention

Mariana Pelizer & Ruan Rocha

August 4th | AND Lab Space - Lisbon [Edifício Expresso - Cabo Ruivo metro at the door]



The AND Hap exhibitions constitute temporary meeting areas that periodically open the AND Lab Space to the outside, inviting the public as accomplices and participants in unique situations of sharing what is happening here in terms of creation and research.


AND Hap are activated several times a year, hosting, in the form of a happening, different types of events, ranging from open rehearsals and process displays of the residencies hosted in the Space to proposals such as interventions and performances, lectures and conferences, gatherings and parties etc.


In addition, we also activate the AND Hap interface to periodically share our emerging artifacts and to mark the beginnings and endings of each season of our programming.



To launch the ball is to put yourself at stake, it is to open the wound. This intervention aims to create an area of attention, a sensitive ecology, in which (un)tangling the knots and ourselves becomes an exercise in Repair. (Un)tangling the lines and running the risk of (re)weaving the knots do not have a specific purpose, other than the (un)tangling itself: a gesture similar to clinical practice that invites a time of listening. In the Conversation Game, we will inhabit the conversation as a common plan, making it the game plan. This is not an ordinary conversation, but an ethical exercise of speaking and listening, creating the conditions to build trust and trust.


Mariana Pelizer is

Schizobody, body in becoming, ecofeminist, doctor in clinical psychology, artist of care practices, curator of desires.


Ruan Rocha is

Clinical researcher of and with subjectivity. Psychologist, interested less in talking and more in talking-with as a collective practice of care and as a practice of collective care.



Participation is free and there is no registration form. Just show up :)


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