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Sat, 18 Nov


Espaço AND Lab (metro at door)

AND Hap | Práticas de Transmissão 1#Scoring

Public Sharing of Déa Paulino's Research Residency | Monitoring and interventions by Fernanda Eugenio

AND Hap | Práticas de Transmissão 1#Scoring
AND Hap | Práticas de Transmissão 1#Scoring

General Info

18 Nov 2023, 19:00 – 20:30 WET

Espaço AND Lab (metro at door), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


Collaborative Programme 'Do Common' | Shows 'AND Hap'

Research Residency: "Um teto todo meu |Um teto todo: e eu?|"

Déa Paulino | Monitoring and interventions by Fernanda Eugenio

Public Sharing on November 18, 2023

Espaco And Lab - Lisbon [Edifício Expresso - Cabo Ruivo metro at the door]



The AND Hap exhibitions constitute temporary meeting areas that periodically open the AND Lab Space to the outside, inviting the public as accomplices and participants in unique situations of sharing what is happening here in terms of creation and research.


AND Hap are activated several times a year, hosting, in the form of a happening, different types of events, ranging from open rehearsals and process displays of the residencies hosted in the Space to proposals such as interventions and performances, lectures and conferences, gatherings and parties etc.


In addition, we also activate the AND Hap interface to periodically share our emerging artifacts and to mark the beginnings and endings of each season of our programming.



Based on the concept evoked in the title of the essay written by Virginia Woolf (originally “A Room of One's Own”; “Um Quarto Para Si”, in Portuguese translation), some of the issues that, despite the social and historical transformations - and despite the passage of time - they accompany women who write.


The embrace between the body, the word and the questions, companions in the creative process and triggers for experimentation. How to establish a ceiling? What constitutes a ceiling in the contemporary world? What are the elements that women have at their disposal to create their own writing ceiling? Which of these elements can a woman make use of?


Déa Paulino



Déa is a practitioner and researcher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, dancer, physical educator and researcher of somatic practices. She is a poet, artist of movement and words, yogini and practitioner of Vipassana meditation according to S.N. Goenka.



Participation is free and there is no registration form. Just show up :)


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