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Wed, 10 May


CEM - Centro Em Movimento

AND Todes | Regular Open Practice Season of Modus Operandi AND

with Fernanda Eugenio & Ana Dinger | Monthly Encounters | Free Participation

This activity has already ended :(
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AND Todes | Regular Open Practice Season of Modus Operandi AND
AND Todes | Regular Open Practice Season of Modus Operandi AND

General Info

10 May 2023, 17:30 – 19:30 WEST

CEM - Centro Em Movimento, R. dos Fanqueiros 150 1º, 1100-232 Lisboa, Portugal


AND All | Regular Open Practice Season of the AND Operative Mode

with Fernanda Eugenio & Ana Dinger | Monthly meetings on Wednesdays | Free Participation

March 8 | April 12th | May 10th | June 14

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm | CEM - Centro Em Movimento



Click the "Participate" button only if you want to ask any questions :)



'AND Todes' (AND All) is a recently launched free programme, aimed at promoting inclusion, the multiplication of access and the multiplicity of interlocutions of the AND Operative Mode. With different trigger lines - for people with disabilities; for children, youth and seniors; for peripheral communities; for mediators and families; for different geographies and regions - the intention is to offer open presentation and sharing sessions that invite everyone to try the AND game.



The Modus Operandi AND is a tool for mediating the encounter that takes the form of a board game, in which anyone can participate. It is a practice of collective composition that is based on listening sensitively to the coincidences between what happens inside and what takes shape in a situation and shared event. Through the game interface, we exercise Repair as an ethics of caring for the common and we can observe in practice the policies, strategies and standards of coexistence that emerge from the way we position ourselves in the world, at each gesture-play. The game is a starting point for collective reflection on how to bring about the transformations we want for our lives and communities.



'AND Todes' Programme

Direction and Curatorship: Fernanda Eugenio

Session facilitation Fernanda Eugenio and/or Ana Dinger

Translation in LGP: HandsVoice

Graphic design: Alexandre Eugenio []

Reception and partnerships: CEM - Centro Em Movimento; Trust Collective, António Arroio Artistic School, Tomás Cabreira Secondary School, DeVIR-CAPa, ARAL - Alto Lumiar Residents Association, Peripheral Center, Espaço Mira, Amarelo Silvestre, Prose Cultural Platform.

AND Lab is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic - Culture | General Directorate of Arts


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