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AND Stand of Artefacts

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AND Stand of Artefacts
AND Stand of Artefacts

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Printed and Digital Publications

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  • AND Lab is not and does not wish to be (or have) a store. Our Stand's main objective is to be a new form of reciprocity, participation and contribution to our work;
  • Therefore, we kindly ask that you do not notice, along the navigation, event nomenclatures, such as "registration", "ticket" or "time/place". This will occur because we use the AND events platform to carry out this campaign;
  • Within this logic, when completing an order, a PDF receipt will be sent with a separate "ticket" for each unit requested, instead of a consolidated list of items/quantities. We count on your understanding :)


Different items in the same order may have different shipping processes.


Thank you for taking the time to read! :)

Consult the website's terms and conditions regarding exchanges and returns, respect for your data and privacy, among others.


  • Book-Box

    Free shipping | VAT exempt

    From R$144.50 to R$174.50
    • R$144.50
    • R$174.50
  • Poster 10 Positions

    Special launch price, with shipping included | Available to ship in December 2023 | Attention: due to the high shipping cost of this type of item (R$50.00), the poster will be offered in Brazil for a symbolic price of R$12.00, resulting in a value including shipping of R$62.00

    • R$53.00
    • R$53.00
  • Webseries Survival Manual

    Online series "Survival Manual for Irreparable Times" | Values exempt from VAT

    From R$125.00 to R$350.00
    • R$125.00
    • R$215.00
    • R$350.00




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