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Thu, 16 May


AND Lab Space (metro at door)

Unruly Studies: School of Reparar 2025 [Ed#5-'TY'] Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

Practiced Studies of MO_AND Concept Tools (Extensive) | 1st approach to the theme question of the 2024 edition: Discern and Inseparate | with Fernanda Eugenio

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online 'Net-Platform'.
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Unruly Studies: School of Reparar 2025 [Ed#5-'TY'] Unfolding Modus Operandi AND
Unruly Studies: School of Reparar 2025 [Ed#5-'TY'] Unfolding Modus Operandi AND

General Info

16 May 2024, 18:30 WEST – 30 May 2024, 21:30 WEST

AND Lab Space (metro at door), Edifício Expresso | Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisbon, Portugal


Unruly Studies | Practical Studies of MO_AND Concept Tools (Extensive)

1st approach to the School of Reparar 2024's theme-issue, Dis-cern and Inseparate

with Fernanda Eugenio

16 to 30 May, 3 weekly meetings on Thursdays, 6 to 9pm

AND Lab Space, Lisbon


Fee: 60 Euros

10% discount for And Lab Friends Network members: see how to join

Scholarships: 6 scholarships -50% available

Bonus: poster 10 Positions in the Face of the Irreparable

Total workload: 9 hours (3 sessions, 3h each)

Maximum number of participants: 18

Prerequisites: none


In all activities of the School of Reparar we offer scholarships in 25% of the places, for racialized people; PCDs and/or other dissident corporalities; LGBTQIA+ people; people affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployed people; migrants; refugees.

Up to 3 full scholarships and 3 -50% scholarships will be offered at this workshop. To apply for a scholarship, fill out the application form, tell us your profile and motivation for the application, and wait for our contact. Two scholarships will be awarded for every 4 paid registrations.


The Unruly Studies are groups of collaborative studies of the inhabited philosophy of the Modus Operandi AND that take place between Portugal and Brazil. They are unruly because they claim a place of study that goes against the docile and domesticating hierarchy of knowledge, proposing themselves as an incarnated and undisciplined, inventive and participatory experience.

The Unruly Studies take the form of workshops on experimental practices, combining games, ritual and performative propositions with the sharing of AND Lab's new tools and formulations, in an invitation to the sensitive and embodied activation of concepts.

The proposal is to open up to the outside world the processes of creation and constant expansion of the philosophical and practical constellation of the AND, building a first approximation to the issues that occupy us every year at School of Reparar.

In 2024, the extensive (May, 3 weekly after-work meetings) and intensive (June, Sunday online immersion) modalities will be offered.


The Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND) is a methodology for the ethical-aesthetic, somatic-political and experiential investigation of relationship and reciprocity, based on the radical commitment to repair the Irreparable, created by anthropologist and artist Fernanda Eugenio.

Mobilizing a constellation of concept-tools and game-propositions, MO_AND propitiates the direct and experiential investigation of the mechanisms of living-together, that is, of the composition practiced as ethics of positioning-with, through the exercise of the Reparar: to stop again (re-parar), to make the inventory-invention of the possible each time (reparagem), and to effect repair through the durational care-curation of relationships (reparação). By practicing an embodied consciousness and modes of doing based on the circumscription of the common and the performativity of affect, which place thinking, feeling, and doing on the same plane, MO_AND paves the way for the emergence of collaborative landscapes and territories of sufficiency, based on the co(m)passionate exercise of presence and the reconnection with the sensitive experience of inseparability.

MO_AND offers concrete tools to enhance processes of collaboration, co-learning, and negotiation of coexistence. In particular, it allows the perception of behavioral patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation skills, self-management of attention (selection, focusing and coordination of stimuli), and consequent decision making and respective embodiment.

In the scope of the laboratories and workshops, the 'board game' interface is the one that serves as the basis for sharing, then unfolded into different more complex exercises, with different scales, in the studio or in outdoor space, depending on the group and the duration of the meeting.

In this game there are no pre-established rules, but immanent rules, which emerge from the game itself, that is, from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of those who participate. Through a work of folding and unfolding and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to embody the issues of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, empathy/sympathy, availability to difference, and reciprocity.

The exercises allow participants with the most diverse interests and profiles - coming from any area, having or not previous contact with each other or with the MO_AND - to share the same plane of disquiet, experiencing in an intimate and collective way the ethical-political and affective issues involved in the co-responsive construction of the common.


  • Image Capture: registration presupposes agreement to the taking of images during the event for the purposes of recording, documenting and disseminating the research.
  • Withdrawal: up to 20 days before the start of the activity, full refund. From 20 days before the start of the activity, there is no refund. The amount may be credited for future enrollment in another AND Lab activity.
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  • Unruly Studies

    Full registration fee for the 3 weekly meetings, from May 16th to 30th | VAT exempt

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  • Scholarship Application

    OPTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP REQUESTS | The Ticket will only be valid upon approval and processing of the order - Choose this option only if you intend to request a scholarship in the registration form. - We will get back to you shortly about your request and the next steps to validate this registration ticket, with full or partial scholarship. In the latter case, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the amount beforehand.

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