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Sun, 10 Apr


Penha Sco Arte Cooperativa

Workshop of Introduction to the Modus Operandi AND

with Fernanda Eugenio

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
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Workshop of Introduction to the Modus Operandi AND
Workshop of Introduction to the Modus Operandi AND

General Info

10 Apr 2022, 14:00 WEST – 11 Apr 2022, 20:00 WEST

Penha Sco Arte Cooperativa, R. Neves Ferreira 10A, 1170-070 Lisbon, Portugal




Attention, participants from Brazil: this is a face-to-face event in Lisbon, so registration is in local currency only.


€35 (until April 9th): registration on this website page

€40 (on the same day)


Payment can be made:


  • Online, upon registration with PayPal/cards;
  • Offline, via direct bank transfer (the data will be sent in the confirmation email of the registration request) and sending the receipt to

In the case of offline payments (outside the AND Lab website), this option must be chosen in the payment step. Payment details will be sent in the confirmation email. We ask you to make the payment within 3 days at most, otherwise the registration will not be effective and the vacancy may be released again.






For every ten paying applicants, two full scholarships will be offered to people of color and/or lgbtqia+, in a situation of social vulnerability. People awarded scholarships undertake to attend all sessions. If you want to request one of these vacancies or other payment conditions, you must choose a participation method in the same way and indicate the option of "offline payment". Don't worry, no charge will be generated when you submit your application. We will review your order and contact you to inform you of your approval, final amount and payment instructions.






Total workload: 6 hours

Number of Vacancies: 24 (20 applicants + 4 full scholarships)

Minimum number of participants: 6






Introduction to the AND Operating Mode with Fernanda Eugenio

April 10, 2pm to 8pm (PT)

Penha Sco | Lisbon


Through practical exercises that put thinking and doing on the same plane, the Modus Operandi AND allows direct and experiential investigation of the singular and collective mechanisms of coexistence, proposing concrete tools to enhance processes of collaboration, co-learning and negotiation of coexistence. In particular, it allows understanding behavioral patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation skills, attention self-management (selection, focus and coordination of stimuli), and consequent decision-making and respective performance.


Within the scope of the workshops, the 'board game' interface is the one that serves as the basis for sharing, which is then broken down into different more complex exercises, with different scales, in studio or outdoors, depending on the group and the duration of the meeting. There are no pre-established rules to this game, but immanent rules, which emerge from the play itself, that is, from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of those who participate. Through fold-and-unfold work and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to 'think with your hands', embodying the issues of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, empathy/attunement, availability to difference and of reciprocity.


In this intensive introductory workshop, the proposal is to make known and practice the inhabited philosophy of the MO_AND for the thinking-doing of coexistence, the functioning of the Relation and the Event, through the sharing of the basic set of concept-tools that compose the AND Vocabulary and the (counter)device of a 'board game' with immanent rules – the WHAT-HOW-WHEN-WHERE Question Game. The tools are explored in their transversality, showing their relevance in the most varied relational forms, life situations and professional fields.


This workshop is open to anyone, with no prerequisites.


  • Introduction to MO_AND

    face-to-face workshop with Fernanda Eugenio | Lisbon | Penha Sco

    Sale ended




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