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Fri, 05 May


Espaço AND Lab

Inauguration of the AND Lab Space

with Video & Artefact Exhibition + Conversation | Fernanda Eugenio & Invitations

Inauguration of the AND Lab Space
Inauguration of the AND Lab Space

General Info

05 May 2023, 18:00 – 20:00 WEST

Espaço AND Lab, Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal



It is with pleasure that we invite you all to the...


Inauguration of the AND Lab Space :)

Friday, May 5th | From 6 pm to 8 pm

Video & Artefacts Exhibition + Conversation


Espaço AND Lab is a multifunctional open space with 73,13m2, which houses an office/production area and a studio, located in Cabo Ruivo, an industrial area of the city of Lisbon, in the Expresso, an once-refurbished building that, rehabilitated, constitutes itself as a new creative cluster of the city, gathering several artistic creation and training initiatives and structures.


Throughout its trajectory of more than ten years of existence in Lisbon, the AND Lab has inhabited for a long time an office/warehouse of approximately 5m2, which did not allow us to unfold this dream of establishing community by sharing a territory, because it was too small even for our own activities, which had to be itinerant and hosted by other structures in the city. In this period, even facing precarious conditions, we managed to establish a network in other countries in Europe and South America and consolidate a solid work of artistic research on the politics of togetherness, which had already been accumulating experience and weaving networks for almost two decades, between Brazil and Portugal.


The conquest of our new space, to inaugurate in May 2023, marks another fold in the living field of the political-affective struggles we have inhabited and in our trajectory of persistence, allowing us to establish our own territory in the landscape of the city of Lisbon and, thus, unfold our vocation to make common from the constitution of an interval space, based on the "in-between", which stands as an instance of experimentation and re-imagination of what we want and can as communities.


Besides housing our regular and already consolidated programming, we wish that our new headquarters space can become...


A point of convergence open to the welcoming of difference and initiatives at risk of rarefaction for lack of space in a city plagued by real estate speculation, constituting itself as a place for encounter and re-union for the diversity of Portuguese and foreigners artists and cultural agents living in or passing through Lisbon.


A space-breach dedicated to collectivize the act of research-creation, making it coincident with the acts of living-dwelling and relating-performing.


A space for the in-between - the reciprocal sustainment of one another, in community - in which we can exercise, by frequenting, listening and sharing, ways of tuning in/with the difference and ways for collaboration that do not depend on identification or agreement, nurturing, together, possibilities for remaking sensibilities and worlds.



We count on you on this very special day for us!


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