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Internal Activity [AND Collective]


Research-Continued Creation [FEB-JUN]

stANDing [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

Internal Investigation Module [AND Collective] | By creating/displaying artefacts to the public with the Re-Landing & Re-Flight Concept Tools

stANDing [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]
stANDing [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

General Info

Internal Activity [AND Collective]

Research-Continued Creation [FEB-JUN]


This module is composed of members of the AND Collective, people who have already carried out previous training at the School of Reparar and who have become researchers associated with the AND.


This is an internal follow-up of the evolution of the School's activities, in a process of continued investigation that will lead to the creation/exhibition of physical/on-site/digital Artifacts to the public, to be published in the future at Banca de Artefatos or at our Network-Platform, where you can also follow the news posts of this process throughout the School's programming.




'stANDing' module | Continuing Research and Artefact Creation

1st. Season of Continued Investigation and Creation of Artefacts with the themes Re-Landing/Re-Flight and Help/Enchantment

with Fernanda Eugenio & members of the AND Collective Flora Mariah, Guto Macedo, Iacã Macerata, Manoela Rangel, Mariana Pimentel, Milene Duenha, Naiá Delion, Pat Bergantin, Ruan Rocha

February to June | AND Lab Space, Lisbon + online



stANDing 2023 will comprise 2 research-creation LAND residencies, one in Portugal (July 15th to 21st, Trust, Barril de Alva) and one in Brazil (January 2nd to 12th, Ilhabela, SP) in addition to a durational block of online creation, with fortnightly meetings, between February and November.


Two public moments are planned for sharing creations and artifacts in process: an online session in September and an informal show at Espaço AND Lab in Lisbon, in December (dates to be announced).




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