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Annual subscription


Exclusive online content, discounts and more

Joining AND's Friends Network

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Joining AND's Friends Network
Joining AND's Friends Network

General Info

Annual subscription

Exclusive online content, discounts and more


Registration on the AND Net-Platform


  • When clicking on the button on this page to join the network, you will need to register on the platform. You can do it directly with Gmail or Facebook accounts. Your data will be respected in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • Always check all your email inboxes (including Spam). Some of our communications are automatic and may be accidentally routed to another box.



Cancellation or Withdrawal:

  • As automatic renewals are not part of our policies, it is not necessary to cancel your subscription. You can just let it expire. 15 days before expiry, you will receive a notice with a link to join again, by the same procedure, if you wish. If you do not do so, shortly after expiration you will receive a notification about the expiration of the subscription.
  • As this is, above all, a contribution to the operation of the AND Lab, after activating the subscription and during its term in general, it will not be possible to refund the amount paid. We appreciate your understanding and support :)


  • Annual subscription

    1 year access to exclusive benefits in return for your support (and more as our network grows)





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