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Sun, 03 Mar


AND Lab Space (metro 5 min.)

AND Todes | MO_AND for Babies & Kids

With Naiá Delion and Flora Mariah | Two open practical presentation sessions (babies 0-3 years old at 10-11:30 am and children 4-10 years old at 2-3:30 pm) | Free entry upon registration

This activity has already ended, but new sessions will be opened all the time. Come back again :)
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AND Todes | MO_AND for Babies & Kids
AND Todes | MO_AND for Babies & Kids

General Info

03 Mar 2024, 10:00 – 15:30 WET

AND Lab Space (metro 5 min.), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisboa, Portugal


'AND All' | Programme for Multiplication of Encounters with Modus Operandi AND

Open practical presentation sessions


MO_AND for Babies & Kids

March 3rd, Sunday

with Naiá Delion and Flora Mariah 

10 to 11:30 a.m. - babies (0 to 3 years) and caregivers

14 to 15h30 - children (4 to 10 years) and caregivers 


This meeting is an invitation to think-do the Modus Operandi AND in the care relationship with babies and children. In the first part of the day, dedicated to babies from 0 to 3 years old, we invite their caregivers to notice automatisms, expectations and projections and "wash their eyes" to the small-big events, through a created sensory space. In the second period, we invite children aged 4 and over to play with relationships! What does this object have? Let's look at the colors, sizes, shapes and "invitations" that each object gives us. Let's also experiment with how they relate to each other and how many possibilities they offer us.


This is an opportunity for children and adults to (self-)perceive and reflect on the inter-generational relationship, always with lots of fun!


The meeting will be led by AND Collective members Naiá Delion and Flora Mariah and is the result of their research, together with Pat Bergantin, into the applications of MO_AND to childcare.

Free entry upon registration. To register, click the button on this page and send the data. You will receive the ticket in PDF in your email.

AND All is a free program aimed at promoting the multiplication of access and the multiplicity of interlocutions of the Modus Operandi AND. With different guiding lines - for people with disabilities; for children, young people and seniors; for communities; for mediators and families; for different geographies and regions - the intention is to offer open presentation and sharing sessions that invite everyone to try out the AND game.


The Modus Operandi AND is a tool for mediating encounters that takes the form of a board game in which anyone can participate. It is a collective composition practice based on sensitive listening to the co-incidences between what happens inside and what takes shape as a shared situation and event. Through the game interface, we exercise Reparar as an ethic of care for the common and we can observe in practice the policies, strategies and patterns of coexistence that emerge from the way we position ourselves in the world, with each gesture-play. The game is a starting point for collective reflection on how to bring about the transformations we want for our lives and communities.


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