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Sat, 06 May


Espaço AND Lab

Unruly Studies [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

Practiced Study Group Module | Inhabited Philosophy of the AND Operative Mode: sharing and practice of concept-tools | with Fernanda Eugenio

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
Unruly Studies [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]
Unruly Studies [Portugal] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

General Info

06 May 2023, 14:00 WEST – 07 May 2023, 18:00 WEST

Espaço AND Lab, Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisbon, Portugal


Attention, dear people from Brazil: this is a face-to-face event in Portugal, so registrations are only in local currency (€).





'Unruly Studies' Module | Practice Study Group

Inhabited Philosophy of the AND Operative Mode: sharing and practicing the concept-tools Alight & Flight

[+ the previous from 2022 Support & Enchantment and Restoration]

with Fernanda Eugenio

Saturday & Sunday , May 6-7, 14-18h

Espaço AND Lab | Lisboa (Edifício Expresso - next to metro Cabo Ruivo)

[+ about School of Reparar]





  • Workload: 8h
  • Total vacancies: 24
  • Prerequisites: none. We recommend that those who are not familiar with the AND Operative Mode first watch the webseries that will be offered as a bonus in this registration, as detailed below.





  • Amount: 50 €
  • Secure online payment via PayPal/cards or offline via bank transfer (data sent in the order confirmation email)
  • 10% Discount to members of the AND Friends Network [see here how to join]
  • Bonus offer on all registrations: 30-day access to the web series "Survival Manual for Irreparable Times" [+about the web series]






In all activities at Escola do Reparar, we offer scholarships for 25% of vacancies, for racialized people; disabled people and/or other dissident corporealities; LGBTQIA+ people; affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployment; migrants; refugees.

  • In this module, up to 3 full scholarships and 3 partial scholarships (-50%) will be offered. One scholarship will be awarded for every 4 paid registrations;
  • To apply for a scholarship: choose the ticket option "Scholarship Request" and send the form, with your profile and the reason for the request. We will return shortly about the possibility of granting the scholarship and the completion of the registration;
  • A partial scholarship may be offered as an alternative to a full scholarship request, depending on the possibility.






The Unruly Studies propose themselves as a workshop of experimental practices and collaborative study group of the inhabited philosophy Modus Operative AND. They are dedicated to build a first approach to the annual theme of the 2023 edition of the School of Reparar, focusing on sharing in a theoretical and practical way the new concept-tools of the MO_AND constellation that are the focus of this year: Alight & Flight, Support & Enchantment and Restoration.


In this weekend meeting, the practice of some modulations of MO_AND games will be combined with other experimental propositions, in an invitation to the sensitive activation of the issues addressed.





The new concept-tools Alight/Support and Flight/Enchantment will be approached as gesture-antidotes to the helplessness and disenchantment that, in the form of tiredness and confusion, on the one hand, and sadness and dullness, on the other, configure the symptomatic of the capitalistic expropriation of the sensible, and produce the illusion of separation characteristic of contemporary subjectivities, reiterating the perpetuation of the Irreparable plunder. Discontinuing the Irreparable, thus, involves re-membering - remembering that we are inseparable and, also, putting back together again what has been separated, reestablishing the access to a wisdom of the (i)limit, much broader than each of us: the embodied, implicated, and timeless wisdom of the Sum-Earth aggregate that connects us to the Common Fund of Life - a way found to name the Interbeing of which we are at once part and whole.


The hypothesis that has been created by Fernanda Eugenio associates helplessness to a curse at the same time singular and collective, which produces the individual point of view and creates its verisimilitude, effecting it as symbolic and sensitive efficacy, as an unavoidable subjective reality. The efficiency of helplessness makes it impossible to feel the sufficiency of abundance that the sensitive experience of inseparability allows us to access continuously. If helplessness scares away the possibility of rest and imposes infinite mobilization and endless discomfort, the magic of re-establishing Alight involves breaking the curse that establishes each individual point of view as a separated fragment, retelling one's own story, and thus accessing the possibility of support/help. A 're-landing', already defragmented, in the Common Ground of Life. A nest-making: re-cognizing and re-membering the webs of sustenance, involvement, and refuge of Alight, (re)learning to receive.


This nesting is what will, in turn, allow us to unlock the spell of Flight - a reconciliation with the Enchantment. It is from the nest - and above all, by departing from it, taking off from identification and understanding - that we enter into Flight and experience being a flock. In the state of Enchantment, access is given to the implied order, to the (extra)ordinary fountain of the possibilities of Life, in constant re-generation and re-union. Fusion without confusion, integrity without wholeness, in the experience of the Flight we tune in to the frequency band in which we know ourselves as an amalgam, we know ourselves as accomplices of the mystery and we can sustain it without haste or desires of unraveling or pacification. It is a frequency range in which we fully appropriate the consequences of being part-whole: of being viscerally implicated, in all that there is and in all that is given, enchanted. Enchantment is thus (re)learning to reciprocate.


To operate Support & Enchantment, Alight & Flight - to bewitch one's own curse - is a process that allows us to explore in the body, as somatic-political reality (in its physicality, but also in the broad field of its beyond, at the same time trans-and infra-individual), a specific modulation of Reparar, the gesture-synthesis of the Modus Operandi AND: restoration. Restoration is here experienced as Rest and Re-story-action: both as deep rest and surrendering and as re-history and re-cognition: a 'new knowing' of oneself, recognizing oneself as a fractal of Life, at the same time in continuity and interconnectivity with all other manifestations of Life and already (and since always), as a singular dose of All and Everything.





The Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND) is a methodology for the ethical-aesthetic, somatic-political and experiential investigation of relationship and reciprocity, based on the radical commitment to repair the Irreparable, created by anthropologist and artist Fernanda Eugenio.


Mobilizing a constellation of concept-tools and game-propositions, MO_AND propitiates the direct and experiential investigation of the mechanisms of living-together, that is, of the composition practiced as ethics of positioning-with, through the exercise of the Reparar: to stop again (re-parar), to make the inventory-invention of the possible each time (reparagem), and to effect repair through the durational care-curation of relationships (reparação). By practicing an embodied consciousness and modes of doing based on the circumscription of the common and the performativity of affect, which place thinking, feeling, and doing on the same plane, MO_AND paves the way for the emergence of collaborative landscapes and territories of sufficiency, based on the co(m)passionate exercise of presence and the reconnection with the sensitive experience of inseparability.

MO_AND offers concrete tools to enhance processes of collaboration, co-learning, and negotiation of coexistence. In particular, it allows the perception of behavioral patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation skills, self-management of attention (selection, focusing and coordination of stimuli), and consequent decision making and respective embodiment.


In the scope of the workshops, the 'board game' interface is the one that serves as the basis for sharing, then unfolded into different more complex exercises, with different scales, in the studio or in outdoor space, depending on the group and the duration of the meeting.


In this game there are no pre-established rules, but immanent rules, which emerge from the game itself, that is, from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of those who participate. Through a work of folding and unfolding and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to embody the issues of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, empathy/sympathy, availability to difference, and reciprocity.


The exercises allow participants with the most diverse interests and profiles - coming from any area, having or not previous contact with each other or with the MO_AND - to share the same plane of disquiet, experiencing in an intimate and collective way the ethical-political and affective issues involved in the co-responsive construction of the common.




None. For those who have never done at least one MO_AND workshop before, it is recomendable to watch the bonus webseries before the course, which offers an introduction in 3 episodes.




Registration presupposes agreement to the taking of images during the event for the purposes of recording, documenting and disseminating the research.




Up to 20 days before the start of the activity, full refund.

After 20 days before the beginning of the activity, there is no refund. The amount can be used as credit for future registration in another AND Lab activity.

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