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Sat, 21 Oct


AND Lab Space (metro 5 min.)

hANDling | ANCORAR: anchoring practices for navigating bodies | School of Reparar 2023.2 [Ed#4]

Workshop in three autonomous modules | with Flora Mariah

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
hANDling | ANCORAR: anchoring practices for navigating bodies | School of Reparar 2023.2 [Ed#4]
hANDling | ANCORAR: anchoring practices for navigating bodies | School of Reparar 2023.2 [Ed#4]

General Info

21 Oct 2023, 10:00 WEST – 16 Dec 2023, 12:30 WET

AND Lab Space (metro 5 min.), Av. Infante Dom Henrique 334 | Edifício Expresso, piso 3 - Salas 9-10 | Lisbon, Portugal




'hANDling' Module | Workshops, Practices & Concept-Tools

ANCORAR: anchoring practices for navigating bodies

with Flora Mariah

October 21st | November 18th | December 16th | 10 am to 12h30 pm

Espaço AND Lab | Lisboa (Edifício Expresso - next to metro Cabo Ruivo)

[+ about School of Reparar]





  • Workload: 2,5h per day
  • Total vacancies: 26
  • Prerequisites: none. The modules can be taken individually, although you will get the most out of participating in the complete course.





  • Amount: 35 €
  • Secure online payment via PayPal/cards or offline via bank transfer (data sent in the order confirmation email)
  • 4,90€ Discount to members of the AND Friends Network [see here how to join]
  • Bonus offer on all registrations: 30-day access to the web series "Survival Manual for Irreparable Times" [+about the web series]






In all activities at Escola do Reparar, we offer scholarships for 25% of vacancies, for racialized people; disabled people and/or other dissident corporealities; LGBTQIA+ people; affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployment; migrants; refugees.

  • In this module, up to 3 full scholarships and 3 partial scholarships (-50%) will be offered. One scholarship will be awarded for every 4 paid registrations;
  • To apply for a scholarship: choose the ticket option "Scholarship Request" and send the form, with your profile and the reason for the request. We will return shortly about the possibility of granting the scholarship and the completion of the registration;
  • A partial scholarship may be offered as an alternative to a full scholarship request, depending on the possibility.






The hANDling Program at School of Reparar offers an annual circuit of workshops for the continued attendance of the Modus Operandi AND with Fernanda Eugenio and other embodied tools of the AND Collective, proposing a meeting plan for the sharing and regular practice of our grassroots tools.


In the second half of 2023, the program will take place entirely at AND Lab Space and will feature an introduction workshop to MO_AND with Fernanda Eugenio and a series of 3 workshops (one per month) on the Ancorar practice, with Flora Mariah, part of AND Collective.





ANCORAR: anchoring practices for navigating bodies.

A research project on body and movement, created by Flora Mariah, that shares tools and facilitates practices that lead to a more anchored, pleasurable and self-sustaining experience of one's own body.

The tools used to develop this work come from the practices of somatic education and dance, and are aimed at any body, because the idea is precisely to work with what you have, and thus build paths of transformation from the perception of your own form, whatever it may be.

This work is based on the principle that energy needs form in order to manifest itself, so form makes graphic the energy that animates it. Form (in)forms. Form is a channel.

The body is form, and the body is also a channel, and it is on the basis of this perception that we work towards making this body/channel fulfill its function of at the same time giving contour and offering passage space for the flows of movement/energy that emerge and pass through us.


ANCORAR is divided into 3 different work modalities, where we will develop 3 basic concepts: anchoring, vitality (pleasure) and self-sustainability.

Therefore, in these 3 workshops we will work on one module at a time:


1. Anchor module:

- We work on the dimension of anchoring and grounding;

- Relationship with the ground;

- Recognition of bones;

- Perception of supports and support structures;

- Perception of one's own weight in relation to gravity and the vertical axis.


2. Compass module:

- We work on the dimension of vitality;

- Contact with one's own pleasure;

- Awareness and activation of our vital energy center, the pelvis;

- Perception of the pelvis as a propellant for movement;

- Perception of the pelvis as a support for movement;

- Circular movements and vibratory patterns.


3. Navigation module:

- We work on the dimension of self-sustainability;

- Relationship between form and energy;

- Relationship between support and movement;

- Perception of the impulse of movement;

- How to support the open channel and offer the conditions for movement to emerge?

Membership Offer
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  • Ancorar | Dec/16 Module

    Module 'Navigation' | Saturday, 10h-12h30 | Value exempt from VAT

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  • Scholarship Application

    OPTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP REQUESTS | The Ticket will only be valid upon approval and processing of the order - Choose this option only if you intend to request a scholarship in the registration form. - We will get back to you shortly about your request and the next steps to validate this registration ticket, with full or partial scholarship. In the latter case, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the amount beforehand.

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