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Thu, 08 Jun


Guapimirim, RJ | Fazendinha

hANDling [Brazil, RJ] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

Workshops, Practices & Concept-Tools Module | MO_AND Unfolding Intensive Retreat Course + Coletivo AND's Corporal Practices

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
hANDling [Brazil, RJ] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]
hANDling [Brazil, RJ] | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

General Info

08 Jun 2023, 09:00 GMT-3 – 12 Jun 2023, 10:00 GMT-3

Guapimirim, RJ | Fazendinha, Parque da Serra da Caneca Fina | Estr. Júlio Santoro, 365 Guapimirim - RJ, 25949-400, Brazil


Attention, dear people from Portugal: this is a face-to-face event in Brazil, so registrations are only in local currency (R$).






'hANDling' Module | Workshops, Practices & Concept-Tools

Intensive workshop-retreat: Unfolding Modus Operandi AND + AND Collective Body Practices

with Fernanda Eugenio, Mariana Pimentel and Guto Macedo (partnership Rio de Janeiro AND Lab Cluster)

[+ about the School of Reparar]




About the hANDling Program


The hANDling Program at School of Reparar offers an annual circuit of workshops for the continued attendance of the Modus Operandi AND with Fernanda Eugenio and other embodied tools of the AND Collective, proposing a meeting plan for the sharing and regular practice of our grassroots tools.


In the first semester of 2023, between May and June, we open hANDling in two propositions: a one-week laboratory, which brings the School of Reparar for the first time to Brasilia, and a 4-day workshop-retreat in a nature park, in Guapimirim, Rio de Janeiro. In the second semester, workshops in Portugal are planned, to be announced.


In Guapimirim, the hANDling takes the form of a retreat and coincides with a local long holiday, creating a 4-day gap for an intensive immersion in AND games and related practices, in studio and outdoors, at the Fazendinha space, in contact with the Caneca Fina river and the Atlantic Forest reserve of the Natural Park of Serra da Caneca Fina.


Throughout the year, the hANDling program also offers, in parallel, the singular access to all our practices, through the booking of individual sessions or for small groups, either to deepen the experience lived in the collective circuits or to work on single issues. Also through the hANDling program, it is possible to request, at any time, MO_AND workshops with Fernanda Eugenio tailored to the person or group requesting them. These alternatives are available in the Scheduling Requests section here.






  • Total workload of sessions: 28 hours (Day 8 6h + Days 9, 10 7h X2 + Day 11 8h + Day 12 0h)
  • Number of places: 20
  • Language: the workshop will be led in Portuguese.
  • Prerequisites: none. We recommend that those who are not familiar with the AND Operative Mode first watch the webseries that will be offered as a bonus in this registration, as detailed below.






  • Accommodation in shared chalet with kitchen and bathroom (4 to 5 participants per chalet).
  • Swimming pool at Fazendinha and several natural pools at Serra da Caneca Fina Park
  • Welcome breakfast on the 8th
  • Lunch on days 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Complete course
  • Bonus offer on all registrations: 30-day access to the web series "Survival Handguide for Irreparable Times" [+about the web series]





  • Attention: the deadline for registration is 25/05. Don't leave your registration for the last minute! This deadline is determined by the operational needs of our hosting space.
  • Values and participation modalities indicated in the ticket options below;
  • Secure online payment via PayPal/cards or offline via bank transfer (data sent in the order confirmation email);
  • Notice for people who use the NuBank bank: we are solving a problem with this bank in the processing of payments via card, in which additional undue conversion fees are charged for paying tickets in Reais on our website. We regret this and are already taking the necessary steps to rectify the situation. To avoid these fees, you can also choose to pay via PayPal or Pix. We will remind you about this before the payment step.






In all activities at Escola do Reparar, we offer scholarships for 25% of vacancies, for racialized people; disabled people and/or other dissident corporealities; LGBTQIA+ people; affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployment; migrants; refugees.


  • In this workshop, up to 5 full scholarships will be offered only to people living in Guapimirim. The scholarships cover the course, not including lodging and lunch. One scholarship will be awarded for every 4 paid registrations.
  • To apply for a scholarship: choose the ticket option "Scholarship Request" and send the form, with your profile and the reason for the request. We will return shortly about the possibility of granting the scholarship and the completion of the registration;






Fazendinha is a refuge surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and lots of greenery, located in the Serra da Caneca Fina Natural Park, in Guapimirim, which has a common area with a lounge, swimming pool, barbecues, wood-burning stove and fruit trees, as well as 4 chalets with private kitchen and bathroom. To see photos of the landscape and facilities, visit the link in the bio on instagram @marilene22020






  • For those coming by car: From Rio de Janeiro, put in the GPS the final destination Serra da Caneca Fina Natural Park. The toll is R$18,60. When you arrive at the park, at the entrance, the porters provide a map and explain how to get to Fazendinha. There is no internet signal in the park, but, if necessary, there is a café near the gate with wi-fi, from where you can contact us.
  • For those coming by bus: From Rio de Janeiro, take bus 196-C - Viação Reginas - Central X Guapimirim (value informed on the site: R$11,50). The bus leaves from Central do Brasil every half hour. The trip lasts an average of 2 hours. Get off at the Caneca Fina final stop. The course production will organize schedules to pick up participants at the bus stop. On the registration form, indicate whether you will need this ride, or contact us after finalizing the registration, informing the expected arrival time, within the time range indicated in the Schedule of Activities.
  • If you are coming from other cities, and need help locating public transportation, please contact us.
  • Uber: for those who prefer, there are Uber drivers who make the trip from Rio to Guapimirim or internally, from the city to the Park. Here are some reliable contacts:

- Adauto: (21) 964669121

- Berg: (21) 972951313

- Tiago: (21) 981734760

  • Hitchhiking: as a sustainable alternative, after the registration closes, a board for hitchhiking will be organized in a shared document, so that interested people can arrange hitchhiking among themselves autonomously.






Included in the course fee are a welcome breakfast on June 8 and lunches on June 8, 9, 10 and 11. There will be no meal service for breakfast and dinner. Each person attending will be responsible for cooking their own food in the private kitchen of their chalet. We suggest that you bring with you to Fazendinha the groceries you will need to cook, as there will be no time to go to the supermarket once the course has started. In the condominium where Fazendinha is located there is also a kiosk that serves meals and a cafe with a small grocery store, but both require a car.






Light and comfortable clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night, bathing suit, beach towel, sun block, hat, repellent, tennis shoes and slippers. The pousada provides bed and bath linen and a blanket. For those who feel very cold, we recommend bringing an extra blanket or sleeping bag. Those who wish may also bring an extra towel, since the place is very humid and sometimes the bath towel may take a while to dry.











Modus Operandi AND

Fernanda Eugenio


The Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND) is a methodology for the ethical-aesthetic, somatic-political and experiential investigation of relationship and reciprocity, based on the radical commitment to repair the Irreparable, created by anthropologist and artist Fernanda Eugenio.


Mobilizing a constellation of concept-tools and game-propositions, MO_AND propitiates the direct and experiential investigation of the mechanisms of living-together, that is, of the composition practiced as ethics of positioning-with, through the exercise of the Reparar: to stop again (re-parar), to make the inventory-invention of the possible each time (reparagem), and to effect repair through the durational care-curation of relationships (reparação). By practicing an embodied consciousness and modes of doing based on the circumscription of the common and the performativity of affect, which place thinking, feeling, and doing on the same plane, MO_AND paves the way for the emergence of collaborative landscapes and territories of sufficiency, based on the co(m)passionate exercise of presence and the reconnection with the sensitive experience of inseparability.

MO_AND offers concrete tools to enhance processes of collaboration, co-learning, and negotiation of coexistence. In particular, it allows the perception of behavioral patterns and relational tendencies, contributing to the development of emotional self-regulation skills, self-management of attention (selection, focusing and coordination of stimuli), and consequent decision making and respective embodiment.


In the scope of the workshops, the 'board game' interface is the one that serves as the basis for sharing, then unfolded into different more complex exercises, with different scales, in the studio or in outdoor space, depending on the group and the duration of the meeting.


In this game there are no pre-established rules, but immanent rules, which emerge from the game itself, that is, from the co-positioning and co-responsibility of those who participate. Through a work of folding and unfolding and direct handling of the materiality of events, it is possible to embody the issues of coexistence, sustainability, creativity, empathy/sympathy, availability to difference, and reciprocity.


The exercises allow participants with the most diverse interests and profiles - coming from any area, having or not previous contact with each other or with the MO_AND - to share the same plane of disquiet, experiencing in an intimate and collective way the ethical-political and affective issues involved in the co-responsive construction of the common.



Re-junctioning Practices

Mariana Pimentel | Rio de Janeiro AND Lab Cluster


Re-Junctioning Practices experiments with the poetics of agglutination, activating affections of permanence by raising in the body the question "What keeps us together?" From experiments that are inspired by creative processes related to 'gambiarras' - a Brazilian word to refer to (im)provisional and situated solutions -, com-posing collages and mosaics, Re-junctioning Practices proposes to rethink our relationship with the ideas of continuity and maintenance through gaps, fissures and cracks.



Multidimensional Body

Guto Macedo | Rio de Janeiro AND Lab Cluster


The proposal of Multidimensional Body is to create body in the intersection of the visible and the invisible, the inside and outside, what touches and is touched in the soma (body of itself), crossing limits between the perceptible and the imperceptible. In this perceptive opening, each one with its own multi-images of body, where time crosses space, the past resonates in the present, and new somatic schemes emerge.


  • 10 hours

    Dia 1 | Chegada e Início das Sessões


  • 11 hours

    Dia 2 | Desdobramento das Atividades

3 more items available
Membership Offer
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  • Handling (early bird)

    Value with early discount until May 14 | Includes: accommodation and access to park facilities, part of the meals and the webseries bonus, as described in the event details | Discount for payment via PIX: transfer in the amount of R$1,000.00

    Sale ended
  • hANDling

    Value without discounts after May 14 | Includes: accommodation and access to park facilities, part of the meals and the webseries bonus, as described in the event details | Discount for payment via PIX: transfer in the amount of R$1,200.00

    Sale ended
  • Scholarship Application

    OPTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP REQUESTS | The Ticket will only be valid upon approval and processing of the order - Choose this option only if you intend to request a scholarship in the registration form. - We will get back to you shortly about your request and the next steps to validate this registration ticket, with full or partial scholarship. In the latter case, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the amount beforehand.

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