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Tue, 31 Oct



[under]stANDing | Practices of Care: MO_AND in the Clinic with Subjectivity | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

Online sessions via zoom, fortnightly on Tuesdays | With psychologists members of the AND Collective Iacã Macerata and Ruan Rocha + Guest speaker: psychologist Mariana Pelizer

This activity has now ended. You will be able to follow the shares in our online platform 'Comunidade-Acervo'.
[under]stANDing | Practices of Care: MO_AND in the Clinic with Subjectivity | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]
[under]stANDing | Practices of Care: MO_AND in the Clinic with Subjectivity | School of Reparar 2023 [Ed#4]

General Info

31 Oct 2023, 19:00 WET – 12 Dec 2023, 21:00 WET





[under]stANDing Module

Practices of Care: the Modus Operandi AND in the Clinic with Subjectivity

With psychologists members of the AND Collective Iacã Macerata and Ruan Rocha

Guest speaker: psychologist Mariana Pelizer

Online sessions via zoom, fortnightly on Tuesdays

October 31st

November 14th

November 28th

December 12th

19h-21h PT / 16h-18h BR

[+ about School of Reparar]




  • Workload: 8h
  • Prerequisites: none. We recommend that those who are not familiar with the AND Operative Mode first watch the webseries that will be offered as a bonus in this registration, as detailed below.
  • The video conference link will be sent to participants after confirming registration.




  • Amount: 40 €
  • Secure online payment via PayPal/cards or offline via bank transfer (data sent in the order confirmation email)
  • 4€ Discount to members of the AND Friends Network [see here how to join]
  • Bonus offer on all registrations: 30-day access to the web series "Survival Manual for Irreparable Times" [+about the web series]




In all activities at Escola do Reparar, we offer scholarships for 25% of vacancies, for racialized people; disabled people and/or other dissident corporealities; LGBTQIA+ people; affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployment; migrants; refugees.

  • In this module, up to 3 full scholarships and 3 partial scholarships (-50%) will be offered. One scholarship will be awarded for every 4 paid registrations;
  • To apply for a scholarship: choose the ticket option "Scholarship Request" and send the form, with your profile and the reason for the request. We will return shortly about the possibility of granting the scholarship and the completion of the registration;
  • A partial scholarship may be offered as an alternative to a full scholarship request, depending on the possibility.






The course is addressed to people who are engaged in care practices in general. The proposal is to make explicit reciprocal relationships or transversalities between the Modus Operandi AND and practices of care. More specifically, to present MO_AND as a conceptual and methodological resource for care. The course is structured in three axes:

The dimension of Care in the Practices of the AND Operative Mode.

Contributions of the AND Operative Mode to the Clinic and Care

Performative practice of MO_AND + Clinic and Care through the Game-Conversation




The Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND) is a methodology for the ethical-aesthetic, somatic-political and experiential investigation of relationship and reciprocity, based on the radical commitment to repair the Irreparable, created by anthropologist and artist Fernanda Eugenio.

Mobilizing a constellation of concept-tools and game-propositions, MO_AND propitiates the direct and experiential investigation of the mechanisms of living-together, that is, of the composition practiced as ethics of positioning-with, through the exercise of the Reparar: to stop again (re-parar), to make the inventory-invention of the possible each time (reparagem), and to effect repair through the durational care-curation of relationships (reparação). By practicing an embodied consciousness and modes of doing based on the circumscription of the common and the performativity of affect, which place thinking, feeling, and doing on the same plane, MO_AND paves the way for the emergence of collaborative landscapes and territories of sufficiency, based on the co(m)passionate exercise of presence and the reconnection with the sensitive experience of inseparability.



+About the (under)stANDing Program:

(under)stANDing is an ongoing research-creation program that supports the annual process of the School of Repair, with Fernanda Eugenio, in articulation with the AND Collective and invited interlocutors.

We use the term (under)standing as opposed to understanding - proposing a way of researching that deviates from interpretosis, declining representation in favor of presentation. To commit to "suspending the under of understanding" is to commit to direct experience; to investigate-create from a state of presence that sustains non-knowing and seeks to attune to the embodied wisdoms that we carry below and beyond the illusion of the point of view. This activity is composed of face-to-face work at AND Lab Space in Lisbon, online meetings and LAND Creation Residencies, opening up to the outside through workshops, sharing sessions and process shows a few times a year.


  • 2 hours

    Encontro Quinzenal 1 de 4

    Online via

  • 2 hours

    Encontro Quinzenal 2 de 4

    Online via
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