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AND Book-Box is an artefact-constellation that, for the first time, conveys, in the form of a publication, the dimension of performative game, the experimental approach to the materiality of words and the multiplicity of Modus Operandi AND - an ethical-artistic-political methodology for the relational research of co-positioning and emergent processes.

AND Book-Box is composed by four booklets (Words, Games, Articulations, Conversations), two posters and six postals. It includes a glossary of AND’s concept-tools (Ten Positions in face of the Irreparable); a series of word-lectures; diagrams such as the Question Game, the Triple Modulation of Reparar and Of The Irreparable. Also, it presents an updated and detailed set of AND’s propositions-games (Interference Zone Games, Transference Zone Games and Care-Curatorship Games); a compilation of texts and articles exploring MO_AND's trajectory and a collection of conversations and testimonials on its uses and applications.

AND Book-Box is written by Fernanda Eugenio, emerged through a collaborative creation process, with the participation of Ana Dinger, Luiza Leite, Tatiana Podlubny and Cecília Costa, in the context of a partnership between the AND Lab and the artist-book publisher Fada Inflada, that integrates the independent editorial circuit of Rio de Janeiro. The AND Book-Box was published with the support of República Portuguesa - Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes.


AND Book-Box

[Written in Portuguese] First book publication on the MO_AND written by Fernanda Eugenio and collaboratively conceived within the scope of the partnership between the AND Lab and the independent publisher of artist publications Fada Inflada, from Rio de Janeiro, with the support of the Portuguese Republic - Culture /General Directorate of Arts.


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